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A short introduction to interim/turnaround management
  • Interim/Turnaround Management is the temporary assumption of executive roles in order to:
    • Turn around a company in case of an operational, social or market related crisis;
    • Launch strategic projects;
    • Ensure the continuity of a service provision.
  • The goal of interim/turnaround management is to allow the client company to:
    • Turn around one of its subsidiary or the entire company;
    • Structure a central service;
    • Handle a strategic project (merger, acquisition, transfer, product launch);
    • Maintain a service during a period of change;
    • Succeed a market exit (closing or reconversion);
    • Ensure an important resource during a phase of a change process.
  • An interim/turnaround manager is a highly experienced executive, often having not only functional but also operational experience. He/she is:
    • An autonomous leader, firm, good organizer, bringing in new ideas and methods;
    • Able to evaluate the situation and decide;
    • Action oriented;
    • Free of thoughts, with no history and no personal ambitions in the company, except for the mission success;
    • Able to bring in additional functional and sectorial competences;
    • Able to lead and induce change;
    • Able to integrate the company immediately and become operational rapidly.
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