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Start-up in Romania
We created a separate chapter dedicated to the implantations in Romania because our country should be a preferred destination for the relocation of industrial units or shared services (human resources, accounting, IT, call-centers etc.).

During some economic forums organized in Bucharest especially by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania (CCIFER) it was repeatedly underlined that the main resource of Romania is the human resource. Also Romania is considered as a country when you come crying and you are leaving crying. When someone arrives for the first time, most of the information about Romania, available in the European countries, comes from a grey area and rarely refers to good things. And almost everyone in crying when leaving because, once they knew the Romanian people and the life style, most of the expats do not want to go back in their countries of origin.

The salaries and utilities prices are still much lower than European average and there is no language barrier. Everywhere in Romania could be found English speaking specialists, but also people speaking other languages, especially French and German.

The transport infrastructure is underdeveloped, but, with the aid of the European cohesion funds, it will be strongly ameliorated in the following years.

Using true professionals in start-up field will make facilitate a lot the Romanian implantation by minimizing the cost and the necessary period for the activity start.

Our multi-qualified team can assist the investor in every phase of the Romanian implantation, our professionalism being doubled by the practical experienced acquired in the start-up field in the last 20 years.
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